Pre-application planning advice

Council offers a pre-application planning service to people interested in lodging a permit application. 

Pre-application advice does not guarantee a permit will be issued but it will help identify any concerns or suggestions for improvement on your future application. 

Pre-application advice can also be sought through a planning consultant. However, fees are likely to apply. Planning consultants may also be able to apply for any permits on your behalf. 

Council offers two service options: 

Basic advice 

This free service offers an opportunity to receive verbal guidance on whether a planning permit is required.

Written advice 

This paid service offers an opportunity to: 

·         Receive written planning advice about your proposal including whether a planning permit is required generally within 10 business days 

·         Make changes to an application in line with Council’s requirements before lodgement 

A request for written advice has a fee of $105. 

How to get advice 

Both forms of advice start with discussing your proposal with Council’s planner, this can be done in person, over the phone or via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  

To book a meeting or phone call, call Council's planning department on (03) 5398 0110 for more information. 

Prior to your meeting or at the time of booking, please email with as much information about your proposal as practical, this could include: 

·         Concept plans and/or reports 

·         Land details such as address and site area 

·         Description of your proposal 

·         Site plans