Other property-related applications

Request information on a property

What is a Regulation 51 statement?

A Regulation 51 statement is a legal document is a legal document that allows the applicant to three types of statements on a property:

Property Information Request 51 (1)

  • Details of any building permit issued in the last 10 years on a property

  • Details of any current notice, order or certificates on a property

Property Information Request 51 (2)

 Any time you are buying or selling a house, you will need this statement as a part of the sale of land. Alternatively, you may need this when you’re preparing a building permit application. The statement contains information about:

  • Properties liable to flooding

  • Properties which are subject to termite infestation

  • Properties which are subject to Bushfire Attack Level

  • Whether a property is subject to significant snowfalls

  • Designated land or works  

Request a copy of building plans and documents

You can request the following types of building documents:

  • Construction plans
  • Building permits

These plans are usually floor plans and architectural drawings. All building documents can only be supplied digitally and it can take up to 14 business days to access these records.

There is no guarantee that the requested plans or documents will be available or that they will be to a particular standard.

You need to be the owner or have written, signed authorisation from the owner to be able to request plans.

If you are the agent of the owner or a Lessee, you must provide written, signed authorisation from the owner of the property to make this application. 

Occupancy permit application

An occupancy permit is a document that confirms your building surveyor is satisfied the building is suitable for occupation.

Building work for a new dwelling will always require an occupancy permit to be issued.

It is an offence to occupy a new home that does not have an occupancy permit.

The building permit will specify if an occupancy permit is not required, in which case a certificate of final inspection will be required.  

Report and consent

A report and consent is the process for consulting with and obtaining the approval of a reporting authority when building work may affect assets, infrastructure, operational requirements of emergency services or amenity of the community.

Report and consent must be obtained when a design does not comply with Part 5 of the Building Regulations (2018). This includes:

Each application must include supporting documentation and an application fee. 

Apply for demolition consent

Before you can demolish a structure on your property, you may need to apply for a consent.

Under Section 29A of the Building Act 1993, report and consent must be obtained from us if:

  • all demolitions finished or permitted within three years of the application add up to more than 50 percent of the entire building
  • your proposal includes demolishing any part of the facade of a building

See the Victorian Building Authority’s website for more details

Apply for a legal point of discharge

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of drainage on their land up to the point where they connect into the kerb and channel, table or underground drain. This point is known as the legal point of discharge.

You may need a legal point of discharge report when applying for a building permit.

All new buildings are required to be connected to a Legal Point of Discharge for storm water.

To find this location, you must apply for a report to be generated.

We cannot provide this information verbally.

See the Victorian Building Authority’s website for more details.