Place of Public Entertainment and Temporary Structures (POPE)

If you are planning on holding an event either on public or private land, you may require an Occupancy permit for a Place of Public Entertainment or Temporary Structure.

The purpose of this permit is to ensure that your event complies with all safety requirements including exits, fire safety and public amenities such as all-access restrooms.

A place of public entertainment is defined as an entertainment or meeting to which admission may be gained by members of the public. This includes:

  • Any buildings which are used or intended to be used for the purpose of providing public entertainment
  • A place which is enclosed or substantially enclosed; or
    • where admission is gained by giving of money or the giving of other consideration

An occupancy permit is required for:

  • An assembly or public buildings (Class 9b) having an area greater than 500m² and any prescribed temporary structures
  • A place having an area greater than 500m²

Prescribed Temporary Structures

Prescribed temporary structures have additional requirements under the Building Act.

Any prescribed temporary structure must have a separate occupancy permit issued by the Building Commission and must be designed in accordance with engineering principles to provide for their structural safety and the safety of the public and other persons using them.

A prescribed temporary structure includes:

  • Tents, marquees or booths with a floor area greater than 100m²
  • Seating stands for more than 20 persons
  • Stages or platforms (including sky borders and stage wings) exceeding 150m² in floor area
  • Prefabricated buildings exceeding 100m² other than ones placed directly on the ground surface

For more information on a PoPE permit, visit the Victorian Building Authority’s website.