Responsible Pet Ownership

dog on leash looking up at owner

Responsible pet ownership not only means caring for the health and welfare of your dog or cat, responsible pet ownership also means;

  1. Registration of your dog or cat and ensuring the Council identification tag is worn.
  2. Desexing your animal to reduce the tendency to mark their territory and prevent unwanted young or aggressive behaviour.
  3. Confining your animal at night to reduce nuisance caused to neighbours and to protect the animal.
  4. Effectively containing your animal within your property at all times by adequate fencing or an animal enclosure.
  5. Effectively restrain your animal in public places. Dogs must be restrained whilst on the back of utes.

Every pet owner has a responsibility to ensure their animal does not attack, bite, rush at, worry or chase any person or animal.

Yarriambiack Shire Council would like to remind dog owners that we take dog attacks, dog rushes and dogs found wandering at large very seriously. Ignorance or negligence in following the directions on Council signs that state dogs to be kept on a leash will be dealt with as per Councils Community Local Law.

If your dog is found to have rushed a person or persons, you may be fined and Council may declare your dog to be a “menacing dog “. This may result in your dog having to wear a muzzle when out in public. You are liable as a pet owner if your dog attacks a person or animal outside of your property, or someone trying to get to your front door.

You are also liable if your dog attacks someone who has been invited onto your property. Aside from the legal consequences, an attack can be very distressing for all involved.

If you require any additional information about responsible pet ownership, please contact Council on 5398 0100 or visit Agriculture Victoria's website