Planning and Building Permits

Council is committed to building a better Yarriambiack for all. Do you have plans for a new project or development? Find the information that will help you with your proposal. 

The difference between planning and building

Planning permits and building permits are not the same thing. They are controlled by different legislation and regulations.

You may need to get both a planning permit and a building permit for a development you have in mind.

There may be other permits or approvals that you may require depending on your project from Council or other agencies such as the EPA, Earth Resources, Department of Transport, Powercor or GWMWater. This may include things such as demolition works, driveway crossings, stormwater and drainage work and developments on an easement.

What is a planning permit?

A planning permit gives you legal permission for a land use or development. 

Planning decisions will take into account:

  • how the development or land use will impact the environment
  • how the development or land use will impact the neighbourhood and neighbours.

What is a building permit?

A building permit is different to a planning permit. Building permits are documents certifying that a proposed building is structurally safe and that it meets the relevant regulations.

A building permit may also be required to change the use of a building.



Why do you need to get approval?

Some of the changes to your land or property may need an approval of some sort whether it's removing a tree, painting facades, constructing new buildings or changing the use of a building or land.

All developments follow a vast range federal, state and local government legislations. These legislative instruments are there to guide and benefit our whole community - whether it's due to safety, protecting our environment or history, accessibility, or cohesion and character.