Addressing The Key Selection Criteria

We've put some helpful tips together to assist you in addressing the Key Selection Criteria. 


Attach a separate page to your Resume with the heading “Summary Addressing Key Selection Criteria”.

Address each criterion individually

Use each of the criteria as a separate heading in the document, then summarise below how your skills, qualifications, experience and personal attributes are relevant for that particular criteria.

Support each ‘Key Selection Criteria’ with evidence

We are looking for evidence that supports this claim, therefore you need to provide detailed examples that demonstrate your skills and abilities or illustrate your understanding relating to the criteria.

The STAR approach is a useful way to structure your responses to the selection criteria:

Situation: A brief outline of the situation.

Task: The purpose of the task.

Action: What you did and how you did it?

Result: What was the outcome?

Handy Hints

  • The use of strong, specific verbs will help you to describe your role more clearly, such as ‘I negotiated’, ‘I liaised' or ‘I was responsible for’.
  • A long paragraph of text can sometimes lose the point of what you are trying to say. Try using dot points to clarify some of your evidence for your key selection criteria, if you have a number of examples to give.

    If your not strong in an area of criteria, you could:-

  • Illustrate that you are a fast learner
  • Indicate your willingness to learn and why
  • Give examples of how the required knowledge/skill/experience will be acquired