Governance Rules

Council is committed to making fair decisions based on merit and ensuring that any person whose rights will be directly affected by a decision of the Council is provided with the opportunity to communicate their views and have their interests considered.

In accordance with the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act), Council has adopted its Governance Rules, which give effect to the Governance Principles as outlined in Section 60 of the Act.

The Governance rules take effect from 1 September 2020, and provide for the following:

  • Governance Framework
  • Meeting Procedure for Council Meetings
  • Meeting Procedure for Delegated Committees
  • Meeting Procedure for Community Asset Committees
  • Disclosure of Conflict of Interest at Council Meetings
  • Election Period Policy
  • Electing and Appointing Mayor and Deputy Mayor

A copy of the Governance Rules can be inspected at the Council Office, 34 Lyle Street, Warracknabeal during office hours.
Alternatively, you can view the document via the link below.

Governance Rules