Environmental Health

Environmental Health services relate to the effect aspects of the environment can have on public health. This includes issues such as food safety, quality of air and water, hygiene and sanitation, and noise pollution. Many of these services are a statutory responsibility of local government.

Sharps Disposal

Yarriambiack Shire Council provides free sharps containers and a free sharps disposal service from all its Shire Offices. Full sharps containers are to be sealed before returning for disposal.

Septic Tanks And Waste Water Systems

This service is a requirement of the Environment Protection Act. Activities include:

  • Approval of the use and installation of waste water systems through a permit system and inspections
  • Provision of advice regarding different types of systems, sighting issues, and best practice for management of new and existing systems

The aims of this service are:

  • To ensure that only systems that meet all EPA requirements and are suitable for the intended site are installed
  • To ensure that waste water systems within the municipality are effectively managed

Download the Onsite Wastewater Application Form(PDF, 301KB) here or contact Council on (03) 5398 0100 or info@yarriambiack.vic.gov.au.

Nuisance Control

This service is a requirement of the Public Health & Wellbeing Act 2008. Issues such as noise, smoke, odour and other offensive discharges are considered nuisances under the Health Act. Activities include:

  • Investigation of all nuisance complaints
  • Education and enforcement activities
  • Dispute mediation

This service aims to respond to complaints and resolve (where possible) in a timely manner.

Food Surveillance

Council has an obligation under the Food Act 1984 to carry out food surveillance activities. These include:

  • Registration and inspection of all food businesses (permanent and temporary) within the municipality
  • Monitor food premises compliance with food safety program
  • Respond to complaints regarding food safety
  • Food sampling program of 3 samples per 1000 residents per annum
  • Notification of food recall to proprietors
  • Investigation of food borne illness outbreaks within the municipality

The aims of this service are:

  • To reduce the incidence of food borne illness
  • To promote best practice in food safety management through education and enforcement of the Food Standards Code

Infectious Control

This is a public health service in response to the requirements of the Health Act 1958. Activities supporting this role include:

  • Registration and inspection of hairdressing, body piercing and tattooing premises
  • Provision of immunisation services for infants, children and adults
  • Investigation of infectious disease outbreaks within the municipality

The aims of this service are:

  • To prevent the spread of infectious disease
  • To promote immunisation
  • To be responsive to emergency demands

School Immunisation Sessions

Council’s Immunisation team attend secondary schools to deliver vaccinations to school aged children in years 7, 9 and 10. Information and consent cards are sent out through the individual colleges. For further information about school based immunisations and related resources, please visit the Immune Hero Website developed by the Department of Health.

Other Activities

Other activities include: 

  • Enforcement of the provisions of the tobacco act including smoke free dining and tobacco sales to minors
  • Head lice management program provide advice on treatment and control of head lice to schools and the general public, provide combs free of charge to the public
  • Registration of accommodation premises including hotels and caravan parks
  • Provide advice to businesses and the general public on the establishment or transfer of a registered business, food safety training, and other public health issues