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Have Your Say - Wilkur South Hall

Have Your Say - Wilkur South Hall 

Council officers have undertaken an asbestos audit and visual condition review of the Wilkur South Hall (former primary school) and have concluded that the safest course of action is to demolish the hall, former tennis courts, toilets, and play equipment. 

The Wilkur Hall Committee handed back the control of the building to Council in 2002 with no regular use of the building occurring since then. Many of the historical items within the building were donated to local historical societies and portraits given to relatives of the person pictured. 

Council is seeking feedback from the public before proceeding with the demolition of the buildings and tennis courts. Feedback will be collected until Friday 30 September 2022. Feedback can be sent to

Join the Yarriambiack Chapter - West Vic Business

Join the Yarriambiack Chapter of West Vic Business

Yarriambiack Shire Council is looking for business and industry leaders to join the Yarriambiack Chapter of West Vic Business, formerly Business Horsham.  West Vic Business offers a collective voice for local businesses as well as training seminars and networking events. Since its expansion in 2021, West Vic Business covers the wider Wimmera region and beyond, representing a large range of business and industries.

Yarriambiack Shire Council joined West Vic Business in 2021 and currently has a Yarriambiack representative on the Board.

The expansion of West Vic Business will now see a Yarriambiack Chapter established as a Council Advisory Committee that will provide strategic insight with regard to the improvement of Council’s livability and economic development, liaising with community groups and businesses to identify initiatives to enhance the Shire’s prosperity.  The committee will consist of up to sixteen members including an elected Councillor, CEO and an appointed Council Officer, along with representatives from each town within the Shire. The committee will meet four times per year.

The Yarriambiack Chapter of West Vic Business is a vital link connecting local businesses with Council and the wider business network of the Wimmera region. The Chapter will advise Council of necessary infrastructure and service improvements to support economic development, provide feedback and comments on matters referred by Council or other matters brought to the Committee’s attention.   The Chapter will assist in facilitating local activities and events that enhance the profile of businesses within our Shire. 

Business and industry leaders that would like to join the Yarriambiack Chapter of West Vic Business can nominate via an online form below The online nominations close on Friday 16 September 2022.

Yarriambiack Chapter - West Vic Business Nomination Form

Council’s Access Plans Aim for Liveability

<h1 "="">Council’s Access Plans Aim for Liveability

 Have Your Say -  Council’s Access Plans Aim for Liveability

Yarriambiack Shire Council is seeking public input into a new Access and Inclusion Plan. 

The Access and Inclusion Plan seeks to create a more accessible community for all.

Yarriambiack Shire Council Chief Executive Officer Tammy Smith said, “Access affects all members of our community.  Parents with prams, people with injuries, people with disabilities, older people and people from a non-English speaking background are all affected by access issues.  Council’s Access and Inclusion Plan is intended to address access issues and create public spaces that are inclusive and accessible for all residents and visitors alike”.

The term ‘access’ is used in this plan to refer to any outcome that is achieved by the removal of ‘barriers’ or obstacles that may impede an individual’s rights to engage in a chosen activity in a manner that is equitable and dignified. ‘Barriers’ can include obstacles in the built environment as well as communication or attitudinal obstacles in the social environment.

“Council’s goal is to ensure that everyone can be active in the community regardless of their ability, gender, culture, age or socio-economic circumstance. We believe that all people within the community make important social, economic and cultural contributions”, Ms Smith said.

Expression of interest is sought for people to assist council on a reference group that will assist in developing the new plan.

“The Access and Inclusion Community Reference Group will collectively assess footpath, pathways, parks and recreation reserve access, access to Council buildings and services, disability parking, transport options and access to public amenities. This is a wonderful opportunity for community members to assist Council in improving the liveability of our towns. The new plan will support development and decisions for the next four years, aligning with Council’s key plans and strategies across the business”, Ms Smith added.

The Reference Group will aim to hold its first meeting in November this year. Community members who would like more information or who would like to be a part of this reference group, please contact Council’s Director Community Development and Wellbeing Mr Gavin Blinman or 53980131.