Engage With Us

2021 Patchewollock Community Engagement Session.jpg

Our objective is to actively engage with our community in a genuine, responsive and simple way to ensue the decisions made by Council are well informed. 

Community engagement enables us to have a closer relationship with its community through an active exchange of information and ideas; promoting shared understanding, innovation and decisions that best represent the interests of our broader community. 

We recognise the value our community brings to understanding problems and risks to develop solutions that are more likely to be effective. In addition to the real life experience that community stakeholders can contribute to decision-making, the credibility of a decision is enhanced when it is the product of an open and deliberative process. Conversely, inadequate community engagement can alienate sections of the community and undermine trust. It is then more likely to result in poorly informed decisions on projects or issues that have a considerable impact on the community or a stakeholder group