Disposing of asbestos

Yarriambiack Shire Council has introduced a new service for householders who need to deal with the disposal of small quantities of asbestos from their home. 

This service will allow for up to 25 kilograms per household, per day to be dropped off at Council's transfer stations in Warracknabeal, Hopetoun and Murtoa. Each parcel needs to be double wrapped in builder’s plastic. 

The cost of disposal is $2 per kilogram - weighed at the transfer station. If additional wrapping is required, the cost is $2 per package under 10 kilograms and $5 per package between 10 and 25 kilograms.

Removing and transporting asbestos

Asbestos is one of the most significant problematic waste streams – from removal through to packaging, transporting and disposal. It is important that people deal with it carefully in order not to cause harm to themselves and others.

Asbestos removal work is best performed by licensed asbestos removalists, who are appropriately trained to perform the removal work safely. A licensed removalist can be found using the service provider directory.

As a homeowner, if you are consider undertaking the removal works yourself, you should follow the safety precautions provided by Asbestos in Victoria before undertaking any work. It contains information on packaging and disposing of the asbestos which includes:

  • keep the material wet until it is packaged
  • carefully package the material, including any offcuts, in two layers of 0.2 mm thick polythene sheeting
  • keep the packages of a manageable size and completely seal them with adhesive tape
  • place smaller sized asbestos waste such as tiles, offcuts and dust double bagged in two 0.2 mm thick polythene bags, then tie and seal for disposal with the other asbestos waste
  • only fill bags half full (to minimise the risk of splitting) and gently evacuate excess air in a way that does not cause the release of dust
  • clearly label the packages 'ASBESTOS WASTE' using a permanent marker pen
  • as soon as possible, securely transport and dispose of the packages at a designated asbestos waste disposal site in your area
  • alternatively, hire a mini skip from a waste removal company that specialises in asbestos to fill with your bagged asbestos waste and have it collected by the waste company.


How to safely dispose of asbestos at Council Transfer Stations
  • Asbestos MUST be double wrapped in 0.2mm polythene sheeting and taped so it is completely sealed.
  • If any asbestos packaging is found to be wrapped incorrectly, the Transfer Station Operator can offer the customer the opportunity to return with the asbestos wrapped correctly or to make use of the wrapping facilities on site.
  • A wrapping table will be set up in a sheltered area, near the receival bin with items to wrap the asbestos correctly and safely. These items include:
    • 0.2mm polythene sheeting
    • silver duct tape and a black marker pen
    • disposable face masks
    • disposable gloves
    • water spray bottle
    • lined bin for used PPE
  • Customers are to re-wrap the package according to council instructions
  • Old wrapping is not to be removed; new wrapping should just be completed over the top
  • Used PPE should be placed in the lined bin and pacakage placed in the receival container