Roadside Firewood Collection


A permit is required when collecting firewood from the roadside in the Yarriambiack Shire.
Collection of firewood from the roadside cannot occur until a Roadside Firewood Collection Permit Form is completed with a Public Liability Certificate attached and approval from the Local Laws Officer. 

Roadside Firewood Collection Permit Form(PDF, 159KB)

Fact Sheet - Personal Legal Liability Cover & Public Liability Insurance(PDF, 4MB)


General $16.00
Health Care / Pension Card $9.00


  • This Permit is valid for one month from the application date.
  • Applicant must have Public Liability Insurance (minimum of $ 10 million) and provide a Certificate of Currency from their Insurer with this Application.
    If you have Home and Contents Insurance you are generally automatically covered for Personal Legal Liability Cover, which is an alternative to Public Liability Cover that we will accept. Please check this with your insurer.
  • Firewood can only be collected during daylight hours.
  • Children and minors are prohibited from collection due to high risk of activity.
  • Firewood collection is not permitted on the roads listed under Roads Not Permitted for Firewood Collection.
  • This Permit does not entitle the holder to exclusive use.
  • This Permit is not transferable and is limited to One (1) cubic metre.
  • Firewood obtained under this Permit is for personal use only.
  • Firewood is to be collected from fallen dead wood on the roadside only. No trees (alive or dead) are to be felled, nor are branches to be cut from standing trees (alive or dead).
  • The Permit Holder must do everything practicable to prevent the spread of weeds on the roadside. This includes using chainsaws and vehicles cleaned of vegetative matter.
  • It is the Permit Holder’s responsibility to take all reasonable care and avoid any damage to native vegetation, including trees, shrubs, grasses, and ground covers.
  • The use of heavy vehicles is not permitted such as a log splitter, saw bench, tractor etc.
  • Firewood collection is not permitted on ‘Total Fire Ban’ days or on days of extreme fire danger.
  • This Permit is only valid in dry conditions. It is prohibited to use certain equipment, such as chainsaws, during summer periods.
  • All litter must be taken from the site.
  • It is the responsibility of the licensed driver to observe all Victorian road rules and be considerate of other road users.
  • Do not drive off the road formation. Ensure where the vehicle does stop is off the main part of the road carriage way and does not block traffic.
  • Plant and machinery operators should be competent in its use, wear appropriate safety clothing, avoid working alone and have a first-aid kit available.
  • The Permit Holder shall carry this Permit at all times whilst collecting firewood under this Permit and firewood must be transported in the nominated vehicle that appears on the Permit.
  • The Permit Holder agrees to hold harmless the Yarriambiack Shire Council, its servants and agents and each of them in connection with all claims resulting from damage, loss, death or injury whatsoever which may otherwise be brought or made or claimed by the Permit Holder or their beneficiaries against the Yarriambiack Shire Council.


Roads Not Permitted for Firewood Collection

  • Borung Highway
  • Sunraysia Highway
  • Henty Highway
  • Wimmera Highway
  • Stawell-Warracknabeal Road
  • Warracknabeal-Birchip Road
  • Warracknabeal-Rainbow Road
  • Jeparit-Warracknabeal Road
  • Horsham-Kalkee Road (South of Borung Highway to Dimboola-Minyip Rd) (Blue Ribbon Rd – North of Borung Highway to the Fryatt / Gouin Roads intersection is permissible)
  • Donald-Murtoa Road
  • Horsham-Minyip Road
  • Murtoa-Glenorchy Road
  • Birchip-Rainbow Road
  • Hopetoun-Rainbow Road
  • Hopetoun- Sea Lake Road
  • Hopetoun-Walpeup Road
  • Patchewollock-Sea Lake Road
  • Ailsa Road
  • Dumbuoy Road
  • Longerenong Road
  • Rattray’s Road
  • Any Creek Frontages or Reserves