Applying for a planning permit or amending a permit


Step 1.Consult zones and overlays

Make sure you are clear in what you are proposing. You will be required to provide detailed plans and outline of what your proposal is for any application. Consult with the Planning Scheme and the community map to see which zones and overlays affect your property.

Step 2.Planning report search

The planning report search provides you with a free and easy summary of planning information relating to your property.

Search your street address

Step 3.Prepare your application

For all Planning Permit applications, you will need to:

  • Complete the planning permit application form.
    • Obtain a recent Certificate of Title, Title Plan, and any other Instrument that applies to the land which cannot be more than three months old (Landata can be used to obtain these documents for a fee).
  • A covering letter explaining your proposal which should include all details regarding the use and/or development of the land.
  • A fully dimensioned development plans drawn at a scale of 1:100 or 1:200 which include, as appropriate:
    • The boundaries and dimensions of the site
    • Adjoining roads
    • Elevations including colour and materials of all buildings and works
    • Driveways and vehicle parking and loading areas
    • Setbacks of adjoining buildings where setback reduction is sought
    • The layout of existing and proposed buildings and works identifying the intended use of the components of the building.

Step 4.Submit the application and documents

Lodge your application and supporting documents by emailing them to

Step 5.Pay the assessment fee

There is a fee for applying for a Planning Permit, as set by Victoria State Government regulations.

Fees can be paid over the phone, via cheque, or in person at Council’s office at 34 Lyle Street, Warracknabeal.

Fees can be found online or you can contact Council’s planning department. If you are applying for a number of fee items (for example construction of 3 dwellings and subdivision, or construction of an industrial building and removal of native vegetation) then a composite fee will apply therefore it is encouraged to contact Council’s planning department.

Step 6.Your application is assessed

Council’s planning officer will assess your application and determine whether any further information is required and if it needs to be advertised to the public.

Step 7.Or apply for a VicSmart Permit

Depending on your project, you may be able to apply for a VicSmart permit which is a fast-tracked assessment process for straightforward planning permit applications.

VicSmart is a fast-tracked process for straightforward planning applications.

These applications are not advertised to nearby properties and can be decided within 10 business days.

Some types of applications have a reduced fee.

Some of the following projects may be assessable under the VicSmart system depending on zoning and applicable overlays:

  • minor subdivision
  • constructing a front fence
  • building works on an outbuilding such as carports, garages, pergolas, verandahs, decks, sheds or similar structure
  • extend a dwelling or make structural changes to a dwelling
  • remove, destroy or lop one tree
  • small advertising signs
  • car parking reductions.

You can include one or more proposals in an application.

Have a look through the Yarriambiack Planning Scheme – VicSmart Applications and Requirements section to see if your project qualifies.

For more information, visit the Victorian government’s VicSmart applicant’s guide.