Policies & Publications

Council Policies

Advisory Committees of Council Policy(PDF, 180KB)

Asset Lifestyle Policy(PDF, 600KB) (PDF, 105KB)

Asset Management Policy(PDF, 105KB)

Audit & Risk Committee Charter(PDF, 340KB)

Closed Circuit Television CCTV(PDF, 284KB)

CEO and Director Remuneration Policy(PDF, 132KB)

Complaints Handling Policy & Procedure(PDF, 423KB)  

Councillor Code of Conduct (PDF, 516KB)

Common Seal and Conduct at Meetings Local Law 2024 (PDF, 699KB)

Community Impact Statement - Common Seal and Conduct at Meetings Local Law 2024(PDF, 139KB)

Council Expense Policy(PDF, 346KB) 

COVIDSafe Plan(PDF, 338KB)

Customer Service Charter(PDF, 112KB)

Debt Management, Relief and Hardship Policy(PDF, 384KB)

Employee Code of Conduct(PDF, 897KB)

External – Private Works Policy  (PDF, 187KB)

Family Violence Management Policy(PDF, 142KB)

Freedom of Information Request Form

Freedom Of Information Part II Statement (PDF, 516KB)

Request to Correct Information Form

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy(PDF, 415KB)

Governance Rules(PDF, 565KB)

Grant Management Policy(PDF, 136KB)

Gravel Pit Management Policy(PDF, 644KB) (PDF, 126KB)

Information Management Policy(PDF, 126KB)

Information Privacy Policy(PDF, 302KB) 

Leadership Statement (Prevention of Violence against Women)(PDF, 87KB)

Media and Communication Policy(PDF, 440KB)

Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee Terms of Reference (Adopted-15-Sep-2022)(PDF, 337KB)

Procurement Policy (Updated August 2023)(PDF, 525KB)

Priority Projects Framework(PDF, 504KB)

Public Interest Disclosure Policy and Procedures(PDF, 1MB)

Public Transparency Policy(PDF, 244KB)

Tree Management Policy(PDF, 186KB)