Hopetoun Uniting Early Learning - Update: 23 May 2024

Published on 23 May 2024

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

I’m pleased to provide you with a fourth fortnightly update on the progress of our recruitment efforts. These updates will be included in the weekly Yarri Yarns Council newsletter.

How we’re promoting the roles

We’re still advertising all three roles on:

  • Our website (careers page)
  • Our Facebook page (please feel free to share our post)
  • SEEK, LinkedIn, Ethical Jobs, Indeed
  • Department of Education website
  • Early Learning Association Australia website
  • Federation University’s student job board.

In addition, we’ve:

  • Placed an ad in last Friday’s Wimmera Mail-Times
  • Reached out to nine suitably qualified candidates following a targeted search of SEEK.

We continue to work closely with Yarriambiack Shire and the Department of Education.

Applications received

I’m pleased to advise we received an application from a candidate who enquired about the Service Leader role last fortnight. Arrangement for an interview is underway.

We welcome your help

We continue to appreciate of how strongly the Council and community have rallied to offer solutions to support the re-opening of the service. Please do continue to support our recruitment efforts by:

We’ll be in touch again in another two weeks, or sooner if significant updates arise.

Yours sincerely,


Kate Farlow

Program Manager, Wimmera

Uniting Vic.Tas


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