Recycling tips

Tips to ensure your recycling is collected and processed correctly.
  • Place your bin facing the road, wheels and handles to the house

  • In rural areas place your bin 1.5 – 2 metres from the road seal

  • If there are more than one bin in an area, bins should be placed approx. 400mm apart

  • Place your bin where it can easily be seen

  • Place your bin out the night before collection, as pickups can occur early in the morning 

  • Bins should not be overflowing and should not weigh more than 70 kilograms

  • Do not place hot ashes in your bin

  • Do not wrap or place recyclable in bags

  • Garden waste is not recyclable

  • Polystyrene, Bubble Wrap & Soft Plastics are not Recyclable - these items all need to go straight into the Waste bin.

  • Do put tin cans (cat food, beetroot tins, spaghetti tins etc) into your recycle bin

  • Garden waste is not recyclable  - Garden Clippings and lawn cuttings need to go into your compost bin or to the Transfer Station. 

  • Clothing, shoes, toys and linen are not recyclable

Remember……When in doubt, throw it out