Getting It Right On Bin Night

Published on 06 June 2024


Place bins out the night before your collection day.

Other bin tips to be mindful of are:

  • Bins must be facing towards the road, with the handle towards your property.
  • Do not over fill bins - lid must be able to be closed.  Overflowing bins create litter, which can cause contamination. You can squash bulky items such as boxes and containers so you can fit more in your bin. But do not pack the bin so tightly that the bin will not empty into the truck when it is lifted.
  • Avoid placing bins behind cars and parking in front of bins.  You can place your bin in your driveway for collection, if required.
  • Leave 50 centimetres between each bin, and between bins and other objects.
  • Each bin must not weigh over 70 kilograms.
  • Bins should be returned to your property within 24 hours of being emptied.
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