Free Green Waste

Published on 03 July 2024

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Yarriambiack introduces free green waste drop off at transfer stations.

As of 1 July 2024, residents and ratepayers in the Yarriambiack Shire will have access to free green waste drop off at transfer stations.  The initiative is part of the Council's efforts to reduce the quantity of product we send to landfill and improve what we are able to recycle.

It also recognises that householders have larger amounts of green waste than they are able to dispose of in either their kerbside waste bin or through household composting.  Business and commercial operators are not able to participate in the free green waste program.

Free green waste will be applied to a load up to the equivalent size of a 6x4 trailer or 1 cubic metre of green waste.  If the load exceeds 1 cubic metre, the balance over 1 cubic metre will then attract a fee.

Customers will need to demonstrate that they are a resident or ratepayer when they bring their load of green waste to each transfer station.

Being able to recycle the green waste through shredding and ultimately composting material mean that any contamination of the material cannot be tolerated.  The only material that can be accepted as green waste is organic garden and plant material.  Transfer station operators will monitor the contents of any vehicle being brought into the transfer station, all other wastes or items will attract a fee.

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