Powercor Tree Maintenance

Powercor Vegetation Maintenance Schedule - August 2022

Powercor is working with Council to inform the community of their ongoing vegetation maintenance schedule. 

The following locations will be attended to by Powercor for the purpose of vegetation maintenance. This will not affect power to households. 

62 Greisers Road


399b Newell Road

208 Howies Road


797 Brentwood West Road

Henty Highway


894 Minyip-Dimboola Road


329 Loeligers Road


329 Loeligers Road

329 Loeligers Road

Bryntirion Road

3146 Horsham-Lubeck Road

329 Loeligers Road

Mclachlans Road


929 Minyip-Rich Avon Road

5140 Donald-Murtoa Road


7 Lake Street

79 Templemore Road

Rupanyup-Murtoa Road

39-41 Algerian Street


2035 Yaapeet-Kenmare Road


Wimmera Highway


Burrum-Banyena Road

244 Millers Road

245 C Readings Road

27-37 Scott Street


26 Tregear Street

22 Tregear Street

52 Jamouneau Street

8-14 Scott Street

107 Scott Street

22 Werrigar Street

Tarrant Road

17 Milbourne Street

11 Milbourne Street

31 Milbourne Street

27 Milbourne Street

16 Arnold Street

15 Arnold Street

70 Jamouneau Street

8 Werrigar Street

4 Tarrant Street

28 Molyneaux Street

69 Lyle Street

1/59 Lyle Street

74 Henty Highway

25 Wood Street

29 Wood Street

Scott Street

36 Woolcock Street

110 Anderson Street

50 Molyneaux Street

65 Lyle Street

222 Scott Street

4-6 Beggs Street

9 Molyneaux Street

18 Beggs Street

Watchem-Warracknabeal Road

Watchem West

6509 Berriwillock-Woomelang Road


30 Church Street

59 Brook Street

If community members have identified any trees of significance that should be brought to the attention of Powercor, please complete a Council CRM request and Council will work with Powercor on the matter.