Zones and Overlays

What is a Zone?

All land in the Shire has a zone. Zones specify particular purposes for land, such as business, industrial or residential. They indicate which uses can be undertaken on land, as well as controls relating to buildings, works and subdivision.

What is an Overlay?

Land may have an Overlay as well as a zone under the Scheme. In addition to the requirements of the zone, further planning provisions may apply through the application of an overlay. Many overlays have schedules to specify local objectives and requirements.

Overlays apply to a single issue or related set of issues (such as heritage, environmental concern or flooding). Land may include multiple overlays.

A Planning Permit for a particular use or development may be required under an Overlay even if a permit is not required under the zoning provisions.

How to find out what Zones and Overlays affect your property.

You can order a Planning Certificate through Council, or you may visit the Council offices and view the Zoning and Overlay maps for Yarriambiack Shire.

The Zoning and Overlay maps as well as Planning Schemes are made available on-line by the Department of Planning Community Development. You can view these maps by selecting the direct links to Yarriambiack Shire Zoning maps and the Planning Scheme, provided below.

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