Demolish or Remove a Building

The following is the minimum information that is required to be submitted for a building permit application.

Whilst the information required might seem excessive, please note that it is the Relevant Building Surveyors (RBS) responsibility to ensure that the application contains sufficient information to determine compliance with the Building Act and Regulations. It is not appropriate for the RBS to “mark-up” plans or accept notes on plans that are too general.

Where the RBS is not satisfied that the appropriate information has been provided they must not issue the building permit and should request further information.

Have you checked with the relevant officers if you require a Planning approval? (Note: where required, a building permit cannot be issued until a Planning Permit has been approved).

Required Documentation

  • Completed application form (Form 1) signed & dated.
  • Copy of Certificate of Title.
  • Property ownership evidence (Copy of contract of Sale or Council Rate Notice).
  • Owner/Builders – A Certificate of consent from the Building Practitioners Board to act as an owner builder if the value of work exceeds $16,000.
  • Registered Builders Only – a Certificate of Insurance under the Domestic Building Contracts Act for domestic building work exceeding $16,000 in value, construction by Registered Building Practitioners.


3 Copies of the following:

  • An outline and a description of the building or part of the building to be demolished.
  • The volume of the existing building and the volume of the part/s to be demolished.
  • An site plan, to a scale of not less than 1:500, showing the location of:
    • a)the building in relation to the boundaries of the allotment and adjoining buildings; and
    • b)other buildings on the allotment; and
    • c)streets, foothpaths or crossings adjoining the allotment.
  • If only a port of the building is to be demolished or removed, computations or other information to show that the remainder of the building will comply with the Act and Regulations either as it remains after the proposed demolition or after other works are undertaken.
  • Information showing the position and description of hoardings, allotment boundaries, barricades, temporary crossing, protective awnings and outriggers.
  • A written description of the demolition or removal procedure.
  • Evidence that the demolisher has the necessary knowledge, experience, equipment and storage facilities to properly conduct the demolition operations.