Building Application Forms

Building Fees

Please find below the 2022-23 building fees.

2022-23 Building Fees(PDF, 137KB)  

Application for a building permit

To apply for a building permit complete the Application For A Building Permit below.

Bushfire Attack Level

This form is for self-assessing your property for a Bushfire Attack Level if required.

Legal Point of Discharge Application

You may need a legal point of discharge report when applying for a building permit. All new buildings are required to be connected to a Legal Point of Discharge for storm water, this is the point where storm water from your property discharges into a Council managed drain or the street kerb and channel. To find this location, you must apply for a report to be generated. We cannot provide this information verbally.

Building property information request

Any person may request the following information about a property, under Regulation 51 of the Building Regulations:

  • Details of any building permits or certificates of final inspection issued in the preceding 10 years
  • Information about the property’s susceptibility to flooding
  • Whether buildings in the area are likely to be subject to attack by termites.
  • Whether a property has a bush fire attack level (BAL) specified
Section 29A Request Form

Consent from Council may be required before starting any demolition. Please speak with the Building Surveyor handling your building permit to see if a ‘Section 29A Request for Report and Consent’ for demolition application is required.

A copy of plans showing the area to be demolished will be required to complete the application form.

Occupancy Permit Application

To issue an Occupancy Permit, the relevant building surveyor must be satisfied that the building is suitable for occupation. The building must therefore be safe and habitable.